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Singtel Optus Pty Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of SingTel, is the second largest telecommunications company in Australia. It primarily trades under the Optus brand and operates several wholly owned subsidiary brands, such as Virgin Mobile Australia.

Optus is engaged in providing services both as a wholesaler to other service providers and directly to end users. Today we will discuss the topmost issues faced by the Optus email account users, the account creation method, and the positive sides of Optus email support number.

Optus email support number

Like all the major telecommunications companies, Optus is also instrumental in catering customer services. To do that in the most efficient way, the Optus management has hired highly experienced tech support professionals and trained them under the best trainers in the world. These professionals are known for their knowledge depth, workaholic attitude and ability to deal with the difficult problems. Working under the strict supervision of quality assurance officials, these tech support engineers are not ready to make any compromise with the quality of provided services. A user can make a conversation with these engineers by dialing Optus email support number, by making a chat request, by filling the forum form, by dropping an email, or by raising a callback request.

How do I create an Optus email account:

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  1. Open your Windows Mail and access the Menu Bar
  2. Find the TOOLS icon and click on it
  3. A list will appear where you need to select the Accounts option
  4. Press the Add button now
  5. You are now recommended to choose the Account Type key, the E-mail Account
  6. Click on NEXT and enter a display name for displaying on all your outgoing emails
  7. Enter an email address (in abcd@optusnet.com.au format) that is not similar to any existed address
  8. Prepare a strong yet easy to remember the password
  9. Enter this password and secure your account
  10. Congratulations! You have successfully created your account

Some Common Issues faced by Optus Email Users:

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  3. Can I delete my Optus account?
  4. Why is Optus inbox not receiving fresh emails?
  5. How to deal with the settings related affairs in Optus?
  6. Why some of my Optus contacts are out of reach?
  7. How do I avoid the sign in the problem on Optus mail?
  8. Optus emails are not carrying attachments
  9. How do I recover my lost account in Optus?
  10. How do I prepare a draft in Optus?

Why Optus email support number?

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Many reasons are there behind the ever-increasing popularity of the helpline number we are talking about. The engineering team associated with this number is driven by honest policies and the willingness to serve the users. They are widely acknowledged for their error-free and robust track records. Plus, Optus email support number has hassle-free accessibility and high user-friendliness.

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